Risk Advisers

    Risk Advisers

    At MBS Insurance we believe in the continued need for Australians to receive quality life insurance advice and the in value of specialisation. MBS will continue to invest in technology, operational infrastructure, preferred policy wording, premium discounts, joint venture arrangements and acquisitions. We have conviction in our business model and see the opportunity for significant growth in this decade.
    For us, it is not about onboarding as many advisers as we can, but rather onboarding the right people, with attributes that will deliver better client outcomes and help them build long and successful careers within MBS.
    We are looking for experienced risk insurance advisers and young professionals for our adviser development program.


    Key Responsibilities

    • Provide tailored life insurance advice, ensuring that the advice is suited to individual client needs, and communicated in a professional and accountable manner.
    • Build and maintain relationships with existing clients, referrers and, joint venture firms.
    • Oversee the implementation of clients’ risk strategies.
    • Ensure all service and advice is provided in a fair and ethical manner and compliant with all relevant legislation, regulations, codes and Company policies and procedures.
    • Utilise our Salesforce client management system to record all client information and track workflow.



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